AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Friday, April 20, 2018

Star brite Xtreme clean degreaser- AMAZING!!!!

I just have to say OMG that Star brite Xtreme clean is AMAZING!!!  I just cleaned a large flat stainless tray that I was given with my '37 Knucklehead since it leaked so much oil.  I then thought "Maybe I am overreacting" so I went and got an oil catch pan that was absolutely filthy and had been sitting in the yard for some time.  After draining it into my fire, I used Xtreme clean on it and it was unbelievable.  So easy to use, hardly no smell and took almost no clean water to rinse.  So then I cleaned an old truck bed mat that had been sitting here and needed to be clean.

I wish I would have taken before pics on these three items.

Oil pans AFTER using Xtreme clean degreaser- looks like new!

I have tried a LOT of de-greasers and this is absolutely the best one I have ever used!

So today I decided to clean my 4-speed for my '68 Charger.   I have been neglecting it for months upon months because I knew it was going to take too much pain staking labor that I didn't want to put in.  So I put it on my list today to use the Xtreme clean.  This time I took before and after pics.

Before using Star brite Xtreme clean degreaser

During use- you can see it lifting grease and dirt

After using Star brite Xtreme clean degreaser

After using Star brite Xtreme clean degreaser

I love products that work.  You can purchase it here