AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My '56 Panhead using Star brite products

'56 Panhead cleaned with Star brite products

I just finished cleaning my '56 Panhead.  The bike was very dirty as I haven't cleaned it since getting back from North Carolina last June and I have NEVER actually washed the bike, just wiped it here and there.  I don't like to use up a lot of my time cleaning when I can be riding.

Before- very dirty

First I removed the rust from my springer with a MasterPro refinishing scuffing pad.  The pads come three to a package and are 6" x 9".  I cut one to get the size I needed to work on the bike with.  I only worked on the front end about 30 minutes.

MasterPro refinishing 6"x9" scuffing pad

MasterPro refinishing 6"x9" scuffing pad cut to size

MasterPro refinishing 6"x9" scuffing pad after using it 30 minutes

I then washed the entire bike with Xtreme Clean.  After letting the bike sit after rinsing off the Xtreme Clean, I then took a microfiber and lightly dried it.  Once it was dry, I applied Bike Guard to all of the metal, including the exhaust pipes, tank, fender, seat pan and other misc chrome pieces.  I used Xtreme Protectant on the tires and I applied Corrosion Blocker to my springer since the springer is raw, it has to be protected and what I've been using doesn't seem to last.  The Corrosion Blocker actually bonds to the metal and forms a protective barrier.  I couldn't be happier with these Star brite products and my Panhead has never looked better!

Star brite Xtreme Protectant
Star brite Xtreme Clean

Star brite Bike Guard

Star brite Corrosion Blocker