AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

All Kids Bike raising funds to put kids on bicycles in Searcy County Arkansas

As a national Ambassador for All Kids Bike I have decided to raise money to put the All Kids Bike program into the PE programs in Searcy County. 100% of money raised goes into the school's effort to reach the $5000 it takes to get the program implemented.

All Kids Bike® is a national movement, led by the Strider Education Foundation, to place Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride programs into public schools for free, using donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations.

The Kindergarten PE Program equips schools with everything teachers need to teach children how to ride bikes. The program includes teacher training and certification, a structured 8 lesson curriculum, a fleet of Strider 14x AKB-Specific Bikes, Pedal Conversion Kits, fully-adjustable helmets, one Strider 20 teacher instruction bike, and a 5-year support plan.