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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Throttle Gals- check it out

Ever felt like you were the only woman on Earth who loved the machine?  Have you spent your entire life looking to find others who felt the same way you did when it came to ANYTHING with an engine?   ME TOO!  Well, there is now help and a magazine dedicated to just that very thing.   Doni Langdon along with Latricia (Trish) Horstman are continuing their search for more women who are into the machine.

They started a magazine called Throttle Gals.  It  is all about the woman, along with the ride that she races, drives, off roads and wrenches on. The commonality in the publication is that all the vehicles featured are Hers. The variable is the ride itself. The ride will range from traditional hot rods, to choppers, Jeeps, trucks, different styles of race cars, dirt bikes, etc. This magazine focuses on the woman and her history with the vehicle, or her involvement in the automotive world. 
Trish on her Ironhead "Hellcat"

It is presently being published once a year and issue 6 will be released at Autorama Extreme in February 2013.  (That is the issue that I will be in!!!)

Doni on her Ironhead "The Love Child" that was featured in The Horse magazine

Some of you may remember her from working at The Horse (that's where I first saw her).  Doni got the idea for a women's motor magazine while she was working there and mentioned it to her boss but that didn't go so well. So she did what any gearhead female would do- SHE STARTED HER OWN MAGAZINE!  She then teamed up with Trish Horstman who also is a gearhead who works at Baker Drivetrain.  Both girls ride Ironheads- Trish a 1972 model that she calls "Hellcat" and Doni a 1974 Ironhead, "The Love Child".  Doni is presently working on a 59 Chevy project and Trish has got an old Ford pickup that she is wrenching on.  Just like any gearheads, both girls love four-wheeled machines just as much as they love their bikes.

Doni working under the hood of her new project

When Doni was in high school, she felt out of place. Splitting her time between her printing/ photo classes and wrenching on bikes with her dad, she felt isolated from the other girls in her high school.  Although she knew she couldn't be the only girl who liked to work on cars, there just had to be other females out there with the same interests.  She decided to turn her love of motorcycles and cars into a magazine to empower other women.  Some of the women she has featured are nationally known, such as Athena "Chickee" Ransom who owns and builds bikes at Vagabond Choppers in Florida.  Other women featured are drag racers, bike racers and women who are passionate about the machine.  Besides being founder and "head chick in charge" of Throttle Gals, Doni also owns a printing company, "Milkhouse Press" and works full time. The magazine is also now in Australia. 

Trish grew up around Harleys and when it was time to get her own bike, she built her '72 Ironhead from a basket case with some help from her dad and a couple friends.  She owns a tattoo shop, "My Little Needle Tattoos", has worked at Baker Drivetrain since 2005 and  is one of the Garage Girls along with Sara Liberte and Jody Perewitz. 
Trish working on her Ironhead

Throttle Gals has a very active page on Facebook or you can go to their  They also have a wide variety of clothing just for the Throttle Gal, from "Girls Can Wrench too" T-shirts and cap sleeves to hoodies and "Girls Can Weld too" apparel.  Christmas is coming up and I know EVERY female gearhead would LOVE to have anything from Throttle Gals.   Put your apparel order in, order back issues or preorder for the upcoming issue.  Throttle Gals is a MUST HAVE for  ANY girl or female that could use some empowering or to any current lady gearhead who could just use the motivation.   We women should stick together and support one another- especially when there are still so FEW of us in the industry!
Throttle Gals hoodies for sale to support the magazine
 A couple of videos from Youtube for your viewing pleasure: