AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Friday, April 8, 2016

1981 Ironhead "Ironman" featured in Kustoms to Klassics magazine

Sent this in before I sold the bike, so it should be it's last feature.  What is cool about this feature is that I am THE bike feature- the only one!!!

Got a 6 page feature, plus the editorial page in Kustoms to Klassics magazine.

You can preview it and purchase it here.

The bike appeared in many publications- both international and national.  It was also a contestant on "Motopickers" television show and has appeared in countless other magazines, contests, etc.

It was featured in:

******American Iron: 5 page feature and a cover shot
******100% Biker (UK): 3 page feature
******Renegade Magazine: 6 page feature
******Wild Motorcycles (France): 4 page feature
******Biker Zone (Australia): 5 page feature
******Harley Davidson Dream Machines (Germany): 4 page feature
******Xtreme Bikes (Spain): 19 page feature
******Duro Rider Gazette (UK): 4 page feature
******The Horse Backstreet Choppers:4 page feature
and now****Kustoms to Klassics: 6 page feature