AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lowbrow Customs is awesome!

I was SUPER excited when Kyle at Lowbrow Customs said he would sponsor my build!!!!  I am using the Lowbrow Manta Ray fender on my '39 Knucklehead, I use their Lowbrow key switch bracket on both my Panhead and my '39, plus I have several of their cool-ass shirts (Knucklehead and Panhead, of course) that I purchased at the Smoke Out and several of their kick-ass stickers on my mirror in the living room.  I use their scissor springs on all of my seats and have several sets of their Beck marbled grips in my arsenal!  

I also asked for their "All Hail The Chopper Gods" T-shirt and received one for both Gabe and I PLUS I requested their totally awesome yellow flannel.  Suffice to say, that I LOVE both my T-shirt and the flannel from them.  I also needed a variety of bungs and received them as well.

Sponsorship from Lowbrow Customs

I am totally stoked about working with Lowbrow as both my husband and I have been buying parts from them for years!  I can't wait to progress on my '37 and see my vision take shape in front of me.

Lowbrow Customs
To check out all of the cool parts that Lowbrow Customs offers for your build, go here