AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Preview of Throttle Gals magazine

This is a preview of my feature in Throttle Gals magazine.  Looks like they will be coming out next month, shipping on March 11.  I wrote this story back in May- funny how things change even in under a year.  But at the time this was the best story I could write.  It is INDEED my story but I can tell in just a short time that my writing skills have improved DRAMATICALLY, which is a good thing.  Also funny, how my 56 Panhead is now in mock form of the way I envisioned it whereas when I sent pics in of it, it was in my other, more conventional Jammer frame.

I don't know how many pictures they will use, of my 20 years as a gearhead, but I am totally excited for it to get here!  I may not have grown up in a "car/bike family" or had any great money or talents passed on to me, but I have made the best of what I have and created my own interests without any family or friends persuading me in one area or another.  I can truly say that I have chosen this life for me without anyone's influence.

This is my life, this is me and this will always be me!

My story starts on page 14!

The first of the story preview
You can pre-order issue 6 here, for $8 a copy- Throttlegals