AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo shoot at the local quarry- 1978 Z-28 Camaro

I LOVE the local rock quarry.  It makes such an AWESOME background and the guys there are nice enough to let me come down and shoot my rides and rods.  When certain magazines want NO grass or greenery in the background, well, the local quarry fulfills all of those needs.

Gabe took a week off and I scheduled to go to the quarry to get some shots.  We were originally going to take my 78 Z, his 50 International and his 49 Pan-Shovel (since it is high compression and I can't kick it).  It had just rained a few days earlier and bad weather was coming again, so we ended up only taking the 78 and the 50.  I've had the car over 20 years and if I even think about getting rid of it, I start crying!  Can't help it- it is a part of me- it IS my child!

OMG, my first true love.

My baby

Old Iron Never Dies

Such a show-off

This baby's got 500 TRUE horsepower
Mean Streak- yep

So my first car I bought was a 1978 black Camaro LT.  On it I put "Back in Black".  I got pulled over almost daily and had a stack of warnings and speeding tickets to prove it.  I ended up going to Defensive Driving TWICE. When the judge sentenced me to Defensive Driving, he asked if I had ever been, expecting me to say "NO", and when I said YES, he almost fell out of his chair.  He then told me he would allow me to go again, since obviously I didn't learn anything the first time and that I would be the first person to ever go TWICE!  The second time I went to defensive driving, I showed up late, due to being pulled over and the teacher made me sit up front with him.  How embarrassing.  Especially when he asked why I was late! And even more so when we went outside and my Camaro's frontend was smashed, since I was waiting to get it fixed (not due to my driving but an asshole backing into it in a parking lot).

I wore ALL black almost all the time!
How about my Jack Daniels plate (that I still have to this day)??

I always remembered my license plate cuz I always thought of "SIN 666"- hey I was 19!

Both the 78's I had when I was 19

First magazine I was ever in - 1994 All Chevy magazine