AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Thursday, July 11, 2013

All the cars I've loved before........

I have Asperger's which means I only care about certain things.  

So, here's to all the cars I've loved before.....These are all the cars I've owned.  It seems like people only remember me for the Vettes but Camaros were my first true love.   8 cars total- 3 Corvettes and 5 Camaros is the tally that we are at so far.
Here goes:

1978 LT


1978 Z-28

Both 78's

1981 Z-28

1975 Stingray

75 Stingray and 81 Corvette

1980 Corvette
80 and 81 Vettes

1986 Z-28

1980 Corvette, 1979 Z-28 and 1981 Corvette.  The 78 Z was in the body shop getting painted.

1981 Corvette